UNADILLA will be closed over the holidays
December 18th to January 8th, 2018
-= We hope everyone has a safe holiday! =-
We like to also take this time to thank our loyal
customers that have found our products to be the type of investment
that generates dividends in their antennas signal.


Last year we made two BIG changes, first by focusing our role as a manufacturer
for dealers and value-added resellers. that resell and integrate our products into everything
from turnkey antenna kits to commercial applications.  
Secondly, we changed our plant hours and production schedules to be more economical for our wholesale role.

This year, we will be updating our sales order system, introduce redesigned product sheets, product labeling and possibly a couple of new products to address a growing non-technical market.

Access to our products is available a multitude of ways on this site – from the PRODUCT TAB located on the TOP of this page, or the keywords located at the bottom of each page and through various text. 
However, to cut to the chase – our product segments are located below through this menu.