UNADILLA will be closed over the holidays
December 18th to January 8th 2018
-= We hope everyone has a safe holiday! =-
As mentioned last year, UNADILLA has closed its online
direct to customer sales interface.  UNADILLA will now be
exclusively made available through existing online Resellers and Integrators
who can help customers find the right solution.

We like to also take this time to thank our loyal
customers that have found our products to be the type of investment
that generates dividends in their antennas signal.


Two BIG changes are happening this year.  First of all, we are changing to a manufacturer role only
for dealers and value-added resellers.  This will take affect by the middle of February 2017 - all of our products will continue to be available through dealers and resellers throughout the world.

Secondly, we are changing our plant hours as well, the new hours will be
Tuesday - Thursday (10a-3p EST), and our shipping schedule 
will be no later than the following Thursday to economize shipping.

As always, we will continue to maintain our website as usual and keep people 
apprised of product availability and even a new product or two.

Thanks again!

Access to our products is available a multitude of way on this site – from the PRODUCT TAB located on the TOP of this page, or the keywords located at the bottom of each page and through various text. 
However, to cut to the chase – our product segments are located below through this menu.